Why star wars is so iconic?

Star Wars radically changed the aesthetics and narratives of Hollywood movies, changing the focus of movies made in Hollywood from deep and meaningful stories based on dramatic conflicts, themes and irony to major blockbusters full of special effects, in addition to fundamentally changing the Hollywood film industry. Last but not least, Star Wars is popular because it encourages the imagination. Star Wars movies will force people to think about faraway places that may or may not exist. When Star Wars premiered, it revolutionized the sleepy sci-fi genre.

Space-centered science fiction was not common in the film industry at the time, but since Star Wars, there have been countless movies and series set in space. But the success of the franchise goes beyond the screen. Star Wars-themed toys, video games and fan events are seen all over the world, such as Star Wars Day: May 4th every year. The Star Wars franchise managed to penetrate pop culture in such a significant way that even people who have never seen the movies are able to identify the characters and some of their iconic lines.

However, people turn around the idea of how incredible these movies are. Kids dress up as Jedi for Halloween, Reddit opts for a GIF with Stormtroopers, and Star Wars is often hailed as one of the best movie experiences of all time. It's more or less the universe that was created, the tradition of the Jedi against the Sith. The idea of this distant galactic empire, which I think is the one that most attracts people.

So I think that when you mention this film, it has nothing to do with the film itself, but with the memories and fantasies it brings to its fans. Star Wars is simplistic and easy to understand. Adventure cannot be described, you have to live it. Star Wars, at least the three original movies, is about that.

It's not nostalgia or marketing, it's how it speaks directly to your inner child. How it affects your perspective on the world. And for better or worse, putting it all together must have required some skill on the part of some talented people, with a little luck, since it took off and became a runaway cultural phenomenon. I never really loved any of them.

I also want to add that they are definitely not popular because of nostalgia. First of all, that doesn't make sense, because they would have to be popular at first for a lot of people to feel nostalgic for them, and secondly, they were very popular at the time of their release and have been so ever since. You just can't attribute it to nostalgia if it's been popular throughout its existence. Initially it was not popular due to nostalgia.

But it's still so popular because of nostalgia. It also creates an entire universe outside of the movies that is unparalleled. Star Wars isn't just 3 (or movies). It is a great shared experience that encourages children and adults to play beyond the limits of the film.

It's not about them being of high quality. It's about them forming a community that goes beyond the film. It's because of goose bumps that I get in every epic scene in the original trilogy. For me, it will always be the universe I created.

He created an enormous, expansive, living and breathing society, made up of countless worlds of infinite stories and possibilities. In that universe, anything and everything could exist, and anything and everything could happen. To tell you the truth, I probably know more about the history of the Star Wars universe than I know about the history of our planet. It's the Megamito, a story that includes all other plots, is literally based on all other genres.

I think it's because the Star Wars movies, especially the original trilogy, are simply a “movie”. It has main characters, with an antihero, a classic villain, fun scenes and narrations of an adventure. It is the direct definition of a film. And because of that, everyone can identify and enjoy it.

Part of this is because it completely revived science fiction as a legitimate film genre. It appeared at the right time, when people were anxious about something. Okay, yes, but I think it was also luck. But it's not really science fiction, is it? It's fantasy (wizards, swords and the rescue of the princess) that turns out to take place partly in space.

Which doesn't make it any less impressive, but not sci-fi. Revived? Huh? It premiered less than a decade after 2001, Solaris and A Clockwork Orange premiered and Star Trek went off the air. Legitimized? How is that? It was hugely popular, had a mediocre critical reception and was basically ignored by the Academy. As a film, it's an incredibly well-structured adventure story with, for its time, cutting-edge special effects.

It had nothing to do with rebirth or legitimacy. That makes sense for those who watched the original movies in the '70s, but it's still popular today among children and adults (young and old), for a generation. I mean, Star Wars is more than playing the role of a revival of the genre (but I'm not a film historian, so you can probably misunderstand me). From Padme Amidala to Princess Leia, “Star Wars” is known for putting women in positions of power “on the good side”.

So instead of the typical strong female character in the role of villain, strong women take their place as some of the most loyal and intelligent characters in movies. The idea that you can watch the Star Wars movies all your life and always remember the thrill of the first time you saw them makes the Star Wars movies very popular. Renowned for its spectacular visual effects, Star Wars won the award for best visual effects at the 1978 Academy Awards, leading others to continue improving images for the film industry. Star Wars is something that can connect old and young and make it seem like there is no age difference.

Series than Star Wars; however, the popularity levels of both are extremely high, with many devoted fans, products and content on a multitude of platforms, from movies to series and comics. Now that Star Wars is owned by itself, Disney will continue to develop marketing and integrate the brand and universe into its resorts, shopping malls and theme parks. After the creator of Star Wars, George Lucas, initially had trouble finding a manufacturer of toys related to the movie, the toy company Kenner Products joined. Founded in 1975 by Lucas, this company has participated in 275 films and has won 15 Oscars and 23 science and technology awards.

These new releases rekindled the passion of longtime Star Wars fans for the franchise and introduced it to others for the first time. These types of groups also allow people to be interested and involved in the wide variety of Star Wars products that are available on the market. Years later, after the release of the six original Star Wars movies, episodes VII, VIII and IX hit the big screen. Of course, this is a purely marketing objective, but it seems to be very effective for those who enjoy Star Wars.

The Star Wars franchise was particularly well managed throughout its expansion, and none of the derivative content played down the importance of the central story told through the movies. In addition to the prolonged bombardment through film and television, Star Wars has an expanded universe of books, comics, board games and video games. . .