Who is the most loved star wars villain?

He represented the franchise itself and stole the original trilogy through its lines and iconic breathing. 2 days ago. Before fans discovered all the twists and surprises of The Book of Boba Fett, the character was primarily known as a villain in the original trilogy. Boba Fett's popularity is somewhat of a mystery because he never actually did much in the original movies.

General Grievous was the supreme commander of the droid armies of the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. He became Obi-Wan's rival at the time, and the couple had numerous encounters. Grievous' obsession with hunting Jedi and collecting his lightsabers became a notable feature of the character. Many fans see General Grievous as the source of many memes and quotes, ranging from “General Kenobi, you're a brave man” to “I've trained in your Jedi arts”, among others.

Grievous's CGI has aged extremely well, making him look realistic and giving life to his cyborg physiology. There are many things that don't make sense about Count Dooku in Star Wars, such as why he didn't betray Palpatine as emperor when the latter betrayed him. However, the character is best remembered as a nightmare for the Jedi and the personification of the power of the Sith Lords. There's no doubt that Palpatine is the definitive Big Bad in the Star Wars universe.

All the dreaded characters, such as Count Dooku, Darth Vader, Darth Maul and the Great Moff Tarkin, among others, put themselves at his service and were carried away by his manipulations of the dark side of the Force. You might think that hunting the Jedi would be a more dangerous job than any rational person would want, but the Grand Inquisitor makes it look easy. The Grand Inquisitor, leader of the task force created by Darth Vader to pursue Force users who may have a penchant for light, is both powerful and ruthlessly efficient. Boba Fett may die a little bored in Return of the Jedi, but it has since become very clear that Boba Fett is one of the best and most resilient bounty hunters in the galaxy.

He may not be Force-sensitive or use a lightsaber, but Fett is ruthlessly efficient with the weapons at his disposal, and he's also one of the best thinkers in the galaxy. The release of Obi-Wan Kenobi has aroused great interest among fans, and the series has set a new audience record on Disney+, according to the official Star Wars Twitter page. Perhaps the most popular character in all Star Wars media, Darth Vader is easy to choose as the series' main villain. Jabba has been a popular character because of the casual energy he brings, acting like a smart-ass villain who loves to talk badly and make prolonged threats.

One of the scariest Star Wars villains to date, no one can forget Darth Maul, as his black and red skin, double lightsaber and the assassination of Master Qui-Gon Jinn are three of the most memorable aspects of The Phantom Menace. Like many of the great villains in Star Wars, Snoke's downfall was ultimately his belief that they couldn't kill him. Although Maul will never surpass Darth Vader on this list, he is still the baddest and most powerful character included in some of the best Star Wars story arcs. He also has an important role in The Clone Wars and also appears in Rebels and The Bad Batch, making him one of the most recurring Star Wars villains of all.

Topping this list is not the first time that Darth Maul (played by Ray Park and played by Sam Witwer in the animated series) has been crowned king, since his role in The Clone Wars makes him the leader of the terrorist cell Death Watch, during which he seizes the throne of Mandalore. One of the most implacable forces of evil in the entire Star Wars canon, let alone in the movies, General Grievous is iconic. Snoke is one of the most cowardly characters in the movie Star Wars, with a disturbing voice courtesy of Andy Serkis and a horrible aesthetic, making him perhaps the most demonic of the entire series. Another memorable villain from the Star Wars movies played by another legend of the film industry, Christopher Lee's Count Dooku, was perfect for the English actor.

No matter how many times you've watched the movies, the majesty of those scrawled yellow words and John Williams' magnificent theme make Star Wars an experience that many other franchises have tried to emulate without success. Vader is the best villain in Star Wars and, in general, one of the best villains, but Palpatine is the Puppet Master. . .