Which star wars is most successful?

To what extent the film was successful (episode IX in the official narrative) will be debated from now until the end of the fanaticism of Star Wars (that is, taking advantage of the renewed enthusiasm for Star Wars after The Force Awakens in the previous Christmas season), Rogue One premiered a week before Christmas and became a big hit during the holiday weekend. That would be a hit for certain box office hits, but by Star Wars standards, it was a big disappointment. The presence of Darth Vader undoubtedly helped director Gareth Edwards, but it was a test for Star Wars that he hadn't faced. Twilight will most likely end up being the fifth highest-grossing franchise at the domestic box office, behind only the box office gods, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Batman and James Bond.

George Lucas presented one of the all-time cinematic classics in 1977 with Star Wars, later subtitled to include Episode IV and A New Hope. The latest in the Star Wars franchise will be screened in 4,232 theaters on Friday, 78 more than in The Force Awakens two years ago. Directed by Irvin Kershner, Episode V exceeded expectations and became a true cinematic classic that proved that Star Wars was more than a one-time success. The film is expected to fit somewhere between The Force Awakens and Rogue One and, given that many people say that this is the best Star Wars movie since The Empire Strikes Back, the high-end seems to be more likely than the lower end.

In addition to that, old Star Wars movies were not initially released on such a massive global scale as is customary today, when the Chinese market contributes significantly to the global box office. But the fact that an entry that many consider a weak point for the series has managed to earn so much money demonstrates why Star Wars, to this day, is so valuable in the media landscape. China seized the opportunity to release a film from the Harry Potter archive for the first time in the territory, and fans of Australian cinema had the opportunity to enjoy something original from Star Wars. This was to tell the story of how the Death Star plans ended up in the hands of the Rebel Alliance, focusing mainly on new characters.

All this despite the fact that revenue is expected to decrease significantly today, as everyone is preparing for the holiday or starting to celebrate it. Yes, die-hard fans could turn to Star Wars books, such as the Heir to the Empire trilogy, along with video games and comics.