Who is the evilest star wars character?

Darth Caedus, whose real name was Jacen Solo, son of Han and Leia, became Lord Sith in the 40th DBY during the initial stages of the Second Galactic Civil War. One of the most hated characters in Clone Wars and for good reason, Nuvo Vindi was the absolute definition of a mad scientist. He had truly corrupt goals; goals that would make the entire galaxy disappear if he got away with it. It seems obvious to suggest that Darth Vader was a threatening presence.

While his final act was heroic, Anakin's turn to the dark side of the Force is thoroughly explored in the prequel trilogy, demonstrating how far he would go to serve his new Empire. Moff Gideon became one of the main antagonists of The Mandalorian towards the end of the main character's first season. Although fans don't know much about the character, a few things have become very clear. The Aftermath trilogy of novels, intended to unite the original trilogy and the sequel, introduced the public to Gallius Rax, the backup plan for Darth Sidious.

Although he doesn't appear in the movies, Gallius Rax was partly responsible for the rise of the Empire and its eventual revival in The First Order in the sequel trilogy. It's no secret that the world loves Star Wars. The franchise has existed for more than 40 years and, although it has had one or two problems, it shows no sign of stopping. Since Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm, what was once a galaxy far away has gotten closer.

New movies, toys, comics and other items come out faster than children and collectors can get them. Its popularity has reached levels it has never reached.

Star Wars

has a fan base that spans several generations. The only underlying theme of Star Wars, and what has made it so successful, is its constant need to pit good against evil.

Darth Vader vs. Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Darth Maul, Ahsoka Tano vs. Barriss Offee.

And it's the evil that interests this list. In the world of Star Wars villains, who are the most vile, sinister, and evil beings that ever existed? Here are the 10 most evil Star Wars villains who stand out from the rest. A little different from other Sith Lords, Darth Nihilus doesn't kill for power. Darth Nihilus must kill to constantly satisfy his hunger for strength energy.

That is, to stay alive, Darth Nihilus must constantly absorb the Force Energy of those around him. Due to his hunger, Darth Nihilus became one of the most feared Sith Lords in history. In addition to having one of the most impressive Star Wars looks, his control of the Force rivals any of those on this list. Worse, because he did not kill for power, but for survival, he is extremely dangerous.

Evil, for reasons different from others, makes no difference. Darth Nihilus deserves to be mentioned as one of the most evil Star Wars villains in existence. After his fall or rise to the Dark Side, depending on the side you choose, Pau'an found himself under the command of Darth Vader. Because of his personal knowledge of the Temple, Pua'an was of great use to the Sith Lord.

According to the records kept by the temple, he immediately began to devour all the information he could about his new enemies. He then used this information to locate the Jedi one by one and destroy them. There's not much to say. Darth Vader is one of the most supremely evil Star Wars villains in history.

A child prodigy who was considered too old to train, was trained anyway. This child prodigy excelled in all areas of what it means to be a Jedi, except for his unwillingness to let go of his connections with others. Sensing an opportunity, Chancellor Palpatine, also the unknown Sith Lord Sidious, convinces him to abandon his Jedi ways and come to the Dark Side. From this moment on, the now titled Darth Vader will become the most ruthless Sith in the galaxy.

Inspired by Sherlock Holmes and legendary military strategists such as Alexander the Great, Grand Admiral Thrawn is the first character on this list to originate from books related to the subject. He also has the distinction of being the first major villain of the post-Return of the Jedi era. The “Thrawn” trilogy of the 1990s remains the most famous book of all, as it rejuvenated the franchise and introduced this tactical genius. While there is some debate among fans about whether Kylo Ren should continue to be considered a true villain after The Rise of Skywalker, his appearance in The Force Awakens is our favorite, and there he is firmly involved in the field of the bad guys.

From the intimidating crossed lightsaber to his chaotic nature, which makes the audience feel that even he doesn't quite know what he's going to do next, Ren's vivid characterization and volatile personality (not to mention Adam Driver's performance) helped make The Force Awakens a worthy successor to the original trilogy. The story of Boba Fett is almost as long as Star Wars itself, which premiered in 1978, and has since been a fan favorite, living many other lives on the page beyond the movies. He worked for the Empire, joined other bounty hunters and even became the leader of the Mandalorian people. With his return to the Disney canon, he has a whole new future full of adventures that fans are looking forward to, such as The Book of Boba Fett.

The Grand Admiral is one of the most sociopathic and intelligent characters in the Star Wars franchise. General Grievous is the brutal cyborg commander of the separatist droid army, seeking to win the Clone War and bring the entire galaxy under separatist rule. Originally created outside the conventional Star Wars universe, Thrawn grew such a following that he became part of Cannon and continues to thrive there today. But we especially recommend that you check out his first on-screen appearance in Genndy Tartakovsky's Clone Wars microseries.

Thrawn, the epitome of working smarter, not harder, is a wise thinker who can guess what a culture's war strategy will look like based solely on its art. Star Wars is a story about good triumphing over evil, heroes overcome all the challenges that come their way and defeat villains. From the first part of A New Hope to the end of Rogue One and beyond, Vader's intimidating face is synonymous with Star Wars. During the Mandalorian Wars, Alek, along with his best friend Revan, disobeyed the Jedi Order and helped in the Republic War.

Boba Fett began his career in Star Wars as a mysterious cartoon character in The Star Wars Holiday Special and as a faceless villain in The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi, before making the leap to classic Legends books and comics. As an ISB agent, he differs from most of the villains in Star Wars by not being, first and foremost, a warrior with the Force. . .