What do you call a star wars fan?

OP wants to put a label on Star Wars fans, as Star Trek fans call them trekies. Star Wars fans. It's usually not something with a name. I like to think that the type of fan you are depends on what you want to be in Star Wars.

With a mythology as vast and vivid as Star Wars, there's plenty to choose from and lots of potential names that could easily become cheesy territory. You can dress up as Jean-Luc Picard, tell someone to “Live long and prosper” and debate between the odd film and the even film “The Curse of Star Trek”, while enjoying your team of fans from all over the world. However, the run-up to the release of The Force Awakens this week has rekindled the passions of Star Wars fans around the world. Their love is alive and well again (the truth is that it never was), and considering that we will continue to have Star Wars movies as long as people shell out money to see them, it's time to make it worthwhile.

Almost four decades of voracious Star Wars fanaticism have passed, starting with a few sci-fi enthusiasts interested in a strange new film and, finally, they have become armies of fans whose lives are devoted with love to the saga and yet have no agreed upon nickname. Like the Force, Star Wars fans have to let it flow through them and it will seem natural to them. It's something that Star Trek fans have been able to put in the face of Star Wars fans and brag about for decades.