Where do the most star wars fans live?

The first place goes to Utah as the state most obsessed with Star Wars. That's according to Google Trends, at least. Over the past week, Utahns Googled more Star Wars than people in any other state. Utahns are approximately 25 percent more likely to Google Star Wars than their closest competitors in the fandom, Californians.

And they're more than twice as likely to Google the subject as people in Oregon and Mississippi, the two states least crazy about Star Wars. Why do people in Utah Google Star Wars so much? And why don't Oregonians just care? Your guess is as good as mine. I write about drug policies, so I'd like to point out that legal marijuana began to go on sale in Oregon two months ago. But you would think that this would lead to Googling Star Wars more, not less.

So I don't think that's relevant. It has nothing to do with fanaticism related to a particular character: Oregon and Utah are at the bottom and top, respectively, in the searches for Jar Jar Binks and Darth Vader. Nor does it seem to have much to do with searches related to The Force and The Dark Side, although I will note that Arizona scores suspiciously high in searches related to the dark side, in relation to its interest in other Star Wars topics. Venable has been addicted to collecting Star Wars memorabilia for years.

He owns hundreds and hundreds of Star Wars action figures that he displays in a room at his home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Each character has a unique demographic compared to the average Star Wars fan. For example, Darth Vader fans are more likely to work in criminal justice, Leia fans strongly lean towards women, and Luke fans have the highest salary. Take a look at each character's profiles below.

Venable said that the other day he was asked why he still collects Star Wars action figures even now in adulthood. Since George Lucas released his first film in 1977, Star Wars has become something of a cultural phenomenon. The Star Wars franchise has had an enormous impact on pop culture and this trend continues today more than ever. The temples and sights surrounding Tikal were the filming locations of Yavin 4, the military base of the Alliance of the Rebels, in the 1977 Star Wars film A New Hope.

Both locations have more than 14 acres of Star Wars-themed attractions, attractions, shops, restaurants, event spaces and more. A typical Star Wars fan is probably a male, between 18 and 44 years old, watches science, history and horror television programs and works in IT or the legal sector. Star Wars fans will recognize Skellig Michael as Planet Ahch-To, the place where Rey finds Luke Skywalker living at the end of The Force Awakens. As new generations become fascinated by the fantastic worlds of a galaxy far, far away, some Star Wars enthusiasts are looking for ways to celebrate their fanaticism.

Evidence that this Star Wars fan will continue to honor legendary galaxy movies for the rest of his life. Your base of operations for this adventure is the Halcyon, a 100-cabin Corellian MPO-1400 starcruiser that is considered the jewel of the Chandrila Star Line.