Who is the number one star wars fan?

Steve Sansweet, 70, is one of the most famous in the world. Venable has been addicted to collecting Star Wars memorabilia for years. He owns hundreds and hundreds of Star Wars action figures that he displays in a room at his home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This first Star Wars Story anthological film includes the ticking of time and attempts to break a shield on several fronts, and few things are as fun on screen as two star destroyers that launch at full speed into NASCAR and collide with paint.

Josh Venable's favorite Star Wars action figure has more sentimental value than it's actually worth on the market. Stan Lee was born, who finally agreed to publish the first Marvel Star Wars comics after tough negotiations with Charles Lippincott of Lucasfilm in 1976. Star Wars Show Book Club is a video series about official Star Wars novels, comics, and more. The second Star Wars film, a sequel that is also the definitive film expansion, takes the retro and garbage space opera style of the first film to cosmic glory, while incorporating new and transformative notes of romantic comedy and a haunted Greek tragedy with a haunted lineage. Although he enjoys all kinds of fantasy and sci-fi pop culture, nothing compares to Star Wars in his mind.

John-Michael JM Arias was born in the Philippines and still remembers seeing Star Wars for the first time in movie theaters in that country. Sander van der Velden, who describes himself as a sci-fi fan, calls Star Wars his all-time favorite franchise. This earned him an invitation to take the stage disguised as Mark Hamill, as the actor received Jules Verne's “Legendaire” award, in homage to movie stars who foster the spirit of adventure. Inspired by Beru Lars and his famous blue drink, this fan shares her love for the new Star Wars books with personalized concoctions.

Although he has been tattooing professionally for 13 years, only in the last eight years has his knack for realism become a reality, especially when it comes to the characters of Star Wars. Once, when creating a scene in a video game where star destroyers met for a battle, the design team needed to know exactly how many star destroyers were present. The Star Wars Families project explores the unique stories of how Star Wars affected these families and the role that Star Wars has played in their lives, while paying homage to the universal and intergenerational nature of the Star Wars fandom. His love for the radio and the galaxy far, far away materializes in conversations and interviews about everything related to Star Wars.