Who is the most underrated star wars character?

Will you ever get the recognition you deserve? Like so many other members of the franchise, Lando Calrissian's personal servant turned Bluetooth smart played a vital role in saving the galaxy, only for everyone to immediately forget about it. Lobot's contributions were so overlooked that in the credits of The Empire Strikes Back, he was simply referred to as “Lando's assistant”. Sure, George Lucas, you can go back and add an unnecessarily creepy Ewok blink, but can't you take the time to change a simple white text and give this mute cyborg the respect it deserves? It's a miracle that we know his name. Initially intended for dialogue, the filmmakers finally decided that Lobot should remain mute due to its cybernetic implants.

As if losing the ability to speak wasn't enough, a significant portion of his screen time was also lobotomized. In the Expanded Universe, Lobot was presented with an incredible backstory in which, among other amazing feats, the Emperor's space yacht is stolen and an entire planet is freed from the Empire's rule. Unfortunately, even that was taken away from him when Disney arrived and threw it all down the garbage compactor. An artist's life is hard.

Especially when you look like a hallucination with Winnie the Pooh drugs. So let's give a round of applause to the plump blue elephant Max Rebo for entertaining the mud of the galaxy by tickling ivories day after day. Not to mention having to look at the really ugly Sy Snootles every night. This Ortolan is, in fact, a rare talent.

How many boys and girls were inspired to start a career in music after listening to Lapti Nek? We can only assume millions. He and his band Max Rebo will surely go down in history as the best of the best when it comes to moaning sperm (i.e. Unfortunately, we can only assume that the entire Max Rebo gang died horribly on the Jabba desert barge after Luke's totally unnecessary destruction of it. That's unless you count the Expanded Universe, where Max survived and went on to own a successful chain of restaurants.

Having an attack due to faulty mechanics may not seem like something worth bragging about, but if it weren't for R5-D4's bad motivation, the entire Rebellion would have been shot to hell, the Empire would continue to rule the galaxy, Han Solo would probably be in jail, Leia would be tortured to death and Luke would live the rest of his days aging poorly as a water producer on Tatooine. So, thank God, for the shoddy parts of this little guy. As for the evil space Nazis, none is more effective and demanding than General Veers. While practically all of his colleagues were failing miserably at their jobs, old Maxy threw the Jawa out of their enemies and took names.

What became of this cold, cold and serene commander? Apparently, he's so tough that he survived being hit by a snowmobile and his AT-AT blew up. As shown in the Expanded Universe, the injuries he suffered cost him an eye and a leg, so he put an eye patch on his eye and began to float on a floating chair, an image that makes him look even more impressive. Later, he would move on to bigger and better things when his face melted at the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Will history remember Nien Nub as the heroic co-pilot of the ship that shot down the second Death Star? Will you remember him as one of the few talented pilots who survived the Resistance's attack on the Starkiller base? Or will he be remembered for having a pancake face that looks like enlarged genitals? Chances are that none of these.

Try mentioning Nien Nunb's name in a casual conversation and you'll get empty stares everywhere. Unfortunately, Nien Nunb will most likely spend the rest of his life trying to convince people that he was there the day the galaxy was saved. He may seem like nothing more than a well-kept butler, but don't be fooled by his elegant speech and elegant facial hair: Count Dooku is one of the fiercest Sith in the galaxy. But while he's just as likely to cut your head off with a lightsaber as he will hit you with a lightning bolt with his fingers, Dooku's true power was that he never realized he was a true villain.

Despite the fact that Darth Vader seems infinitely cool to us, there is no doubt that we should boo everything he does. Dooku, on the other hand, makes us feel things we didn't know we could feel and, in fact, makes us applaud when he reduces Anakin's size. Not only did he save Luke's ass by taking off a TIE fighter in the first Death Star raid, but he also shot down an entire AT-AT during the Empire's attack on Hoth. Where was Luke during that battle? Preparing for an abominable wampa banquet.

Lest we also forget that Wedge threaded the needle when he removed the power regulator from the second Death Star in the North Tower, paving the way for Lando and Nien Nunb's coup de grace. The galaxy, which has never been the subject of praise or fame, is a safer place thanks to the heroism of Wedge Antilles.

Star Wars

is a character-based franchise. Despite how unique and interesting lightsabers, space battles and much more are, characters have always been at the center of the story, since A New Hope.

Luke is a character with a genuinely emotional arc in the first film, and it's very clear in that film and in the rest of the franchise that the characters are above anything else. Poe Dameron is a character who is often left out in fan discussions, and the public prefers Rey, Kylo Ren and Finn over Oscar Isaac's Resistance hero. However, he is a character with a convincing arc in the sequel trilogy. Poe is a hero who remembers several characters from Star Wars, in particular Han Solo and Leia Organa.

Dameron has the arrogance and arrogance of Han Solo, but with something of Leia's heart. Isaac, so good at bringing that arrogance to most of his roles, proves to be just as capable of adding a sincere aspect to his character. Kit Fisto is a memorable character for fans of prequels, since his related animated series, The Clone Wars, since the green alien Jedi appears in both. Fisto is a character who was never the main focus and has often been labeled as someone whose design is all he is interested in.

However, there's actually more to Fisto than just his appearance. The release of The Last Jedi and the many unique and surprising narrative developments in Rian Johnson's film sparked much debate. One of them was the character of Rose Tico, her role in the film and the performance of Kelly Marie Tran. The phantom threat introduced us to several Jedi, and one in particular was very different from Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Qui-Gon Jinn was a bit of a rebel — we know he challenged the Jedi Council — and introduced us to new concepts. He was the first character to mention the Midichlorians, he made sure that Anakin Skywalker was trained and was the first Jedi to join the Force after his death. Basically, it's a little important. Mon Mothma, architect of the Rebellion, only spent a few seconds in front of the screen in Return of the Jedi.

It revealed information about the second Death Star that led to the Battle of Endor, the death of Emperor Palpatine and, later, to the fall of the Empire. Without his work with Bail Organa, the Rebel Alliance may never have taken shape. All of Queen Amidala's maids deserve recognition for their service, but Sabé stands out. He served as Padmé's decoy and often changed roles with her to protect the queen's life.

Since he replaced Padmé during The Phantom Menace, Padmé spent time with Anakin Skywalker and we all know how much that affected the galaxy. Boba Fett gets most of the glory, but let's not forget Jango Fett. In addition to being responsible for Boba's existence, Jango gave his genetic material to the Kaminoans for the clone army. He had a rocket backpack, owned Slave I and was a stronger fighter: he basically did everything Boba did and played a very important role in the Clone Wars.

Quiet, serene and very own, the ins and outs of Qui-Gon Jinn's depth failed to shine bright enough during his time on the screen in The Phantom Menace. In addition to being calm, serene and a truly excellent swordsman, Qui-Gon had a great ability to read and understand the world and the characters that surrounded him. It is a story that seems to have inspired a plot arc of several episodes of The Clone Wars, in which the chips implanted in the clones that force them to confront the Jedi when activated were revealed. While Han Solo himself is arguably the most iconic, beloved and talked-about character, that goes for Harrison Ford's version of the hero.

Fisto has unique abilities in the water and can handle himself better than many other Jedi when he finds himself in these types of environments, resulting in incredible animated action sequences in The Clone Wars. He regularly confronted Ahsoka and Anakin and proved to be a valuable asset for the separatists during the Clone War. Even more heroically, he gave his life during the Battle of Yavin by voluntarily sacrificing himself as laser flesh so that Luke could get a fair chance to reach the Death Star. The star superdestroyer was on the defensive, its deflector shields were down, an imperial commander ordered nothing to cross it, and then, in a challenging blaze of glory that runs through the canyon, Green Leader shoots out of chaos and launches a kamikaze with his A-Wing directly in their stupid faces.

Even with this comic book series, the question of the extent to which Palpatine controlled Snoke, whether Snoke was aware of this predominant presence and whether the Emperor created him from scratch or whether Sidious was simply cloning and using an existing person are still in play, increasing this character's interest. Ever since the first roll of bright yellow text against the total emptiness of deep space began to take over the world in A New Hope in 1977, George Lucas' universe has been filled with characters whose lines and actions have become recognizable and memorable even today. But he was still determined to hand over the plans for the Death Star and let himself be impaled long enough for Tantive IV to have enough time to disembark. .