What is the correct order of watching the star wars movies?

Instead of following the order of release, you can also test the chronological order according to when the movies will be screened. This would involve starting with episodes I, II and III of the prequel trilogy, before moving on to the IV, V and VI of the original films, and then ending with VII, VIII and IX of the sequels. Few things excite fans of Star Wars as much as talking about the correct order of viewing movies (and that's really saying something just because, can Star Wars excite)?. First of all, you have the question of which movies to include.

There are now 12 in total, but only nine are part of the main Skywalker saga. Some would say that it is not necessary to include the animated film The Clone Wars or the anthological films Rogue One and Solo. Since neither the order of release nor the chronological order are 100% ideal, many fans have devised their own ways to enjoy Star Wars. So, after all that, what is the correct viewing order of the Star Wars movies? The answer is that there is no correct order, of course.

At least, there is no universal correct order. You have to find a way that works and that satisfies you. Personally, I think chronological order is the best and least stressful way to view the saga. But you might find a whole new way of looking at it that's even better than any of these options.

Star Wars is one of the most loved franchises in the world, and here's how to see it all in order. The possibilities are endless in a galaxy far away, as Star Wars is stronger than ever. It's been almost half a century since the first Star Wars movie changed cinema forever in 1977, and the franchise is still going strong decades later. As a result, there are more options than ever to choose from.

With nine major movies, two spin-offs, and a plethora of Disney Plus series to consider, determining in what order you should watch the series may seem like an impossible task. With Christmas just around the corner, start shopping soon for the Star Wars fans in your life and check out the best Star Wars items and gifts to buy. But the order of Star Wars becomes more complicated if you add television series such as Clone Wars, Rebels, The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett. Disney Plus has all the Star Wars movies (also in 4K), as well as independent series and shorts and animations.

If you want to watch the Star Wars movies and series in order, you have a few options. Some claim that there are five different orders in which you can watch the Star Wars saga, but there are some widely accepted preferred forms. The three that best tell the story of Skywalker are the order of the episodes (chronological), the production (release date) and the cut of The Godfather. There is also Machete's request to cut The Phantom Menace.

There are pros and cons to all of this, of course, which we've broken down for you. Take the cinema home with Sky Cinema Upgrade now for just 11€ a month to enjoy blockbusters such as The Suicide Squad, Peter Rabbit 2 and Godzilla vs Kong, plus a selection of festive movies such as A Boy Called Christmas and Elf, all from the comfort of your home. Buy the promotion at Sky Cinema. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about how to watch the Star Wars movies in order.

The Star Wars movies, in chronological order, place them in a real timeline so that you experience the story as it would unfold for the characters. Next, we have all the Star Wars movies, as well as the spin-offs. If you start the movies in this order, you could watch them in a weekend. If you're looking for the full Star Wars saga, including The Mandalorian, jump to the section further down the page.

Next, watch the Star Wars movies in order of release. It may not fit the chronological order of the story, but this release date order allows you to experience it like the rest of the world did. Here's how to watch the Star Wars movies in order of release. If you want to watch the Star Wars movies in order of release with the television series (in cursive), we also have that list for you.

Although some of the previous orders include select Star Wars television shows and specials produced since 1977, more are available. While many fans are unaware of several (such as the eighties niche animation series Droids), others have been completely rejected by the creator of Star Wars, George Lucas (looking at you, Holiday Special). All, however, are part of the extensive Star Wars universe, officially or not. When Disney bought Lucasfilm, it also meant that the Expanded Universe had been restored.

In simple terms, it meant that all the movies, animations and programs that had been created in the background were no longer canonical. The prequel trilogy, the original trilogy and the animation of The Clone Wars are still canonical. Of course, Disney has joined the canon and has more than replaced what was taken from it. This will take you much longer than a weekend.

For those who dare to see it all, here you have the entire Star Wars saga and limited special offers in chronological order. We will confirm the location of the Disney Plus Star Wars series such as Obi-Wan, Kenobi, The Bad Batch and Andor when they premiere. The following are the Star Wars movies in the order of The Godfather. As in the Order of the Godfather, the Machete Order allows you to enjoy the first two original Star Wars movies (and the shocking ending of Empire Strikes Back) before diving into the story of Vader.

The Order of Rinster, named after super fan Ernest Rinster, has also gained some prominence in recent years among the Star Wars community. If it looks the same as the Godfather's order, that's because it is, but Rinster's method could well have come first. If you're watching the Star Wars movies for the first time, welcome my young Padwan. Perhaps the best form for you is the launch order.

Keep it simple and then go back when the television series has been created to address the final order. We also recommend that you order the release date if this is the first time you invite your children to enjoy the franchise. The streaming service also contains all the episodes of The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Andor released so far. It will also feature artists such as Ahsoka, Skeleton Crew and The Acolyte.

Disney Plus is the best place to watch Star Wars online, with the entire Skywalker saga and the two spin-off movies available for instant streaming. Subscribe to Disney Plus for 79.90€ for an entire year or 7.99€ per month. If you don't feel like spending that much, most of the Star Wars movies are available to rent for just 2.49€ on Amazon Prime Video. Therefore, the longest Star Wars movie is The Rise of Skywalker and the shortest is still the original film, with just over 2 hours.

The Star Wars franchise has also been the subject of intense critical scrutiny and we have the ratings from the review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes to highlight the different critical receptions. The live-action Star Wars television series is also being closely scrutinized by critics and we have the ratings from the review gathering website Rotten Tomatoes to highlight the different critical reception. The Mandalorian is still the critical favorite of the Disney+ series, but the daring Andor follows its heels closely. It seems that Boba Fett's book has proven to be the biggest critical disappointment so far.

Below is the series in order of score from IMDb. The following live-action Star Wars series are ordered from the highest viewer rating on IMDb to the lowest. We'll have to wait to see what artists like Ahsoka, Skeleton Crew and The Acolyte look like. A nostalgic look at a golden decade through Radio Times articles, illustrations and interviews.

Determining the best order to watch Star Wars can be a bit tricky, as both the release date and chronological orders have their pros and cons. Star Wars is one of the best and most popular sci-fi franchises ever created with millions of fans around the world. However, given that eleven movies and numerous television shows are part of the series' canon, it can be difficult to determine the best order in which to watch the Star Wars movies. Unfortunately, there isn't really a simple answer in that regard.

When it comes to the best order for watching Star Wars, there are generally two very different lines of thinking. Some think it's best to watch movies in the order they were released, while others believe that watching them in chronological order provides a more coherent narrative. As those who continue reading will soon discover, both orders have their pros and cons. Although it may seem like a good idea to watch the Star Wars movies in chronological order and not in the order in which they were originally released, doing so has some drawbacks.

By far the biggest advantage of seeing all the Star Wars movies in order of their release date is that one of the series' most important and shocking revelations will remain intact. However, that's not the only advantage of seeing it in order of release date. Many think that the Star Wars prequel trilogy is significantly weaker than the three original movies and installments of the Disney era. Therefore, watching the original trilogy first may give viewers a reason to endure the first three episodes of the franchise.

In the same way, watching the movies in order of release will entail a constant improvement in special effects, although it could be said that the practical effects of the original movies are much higher than those of the CGI of the following. Watching all of the Star Wars movies in chronological order will lead to a much more coherent story overall, although it will generate one or two major spoilers here and there. However, given that many people are already aware of the great plot twist of The Empire Strikes Back, because it is constantly referred to in pop culture, this may not necessarily be such a major problem for some. Therefore, whether you watch it by release or in chronological order may depend on whether or not potential viewers already know about Luke's parentage beforehand.

Are you planning a Star Wars movie marathon? Here's how to watch the Star Wars movies in order. Why? Very similar to Ernst Rister's request, but this time with space to occupy those prequels. The order of the flashbacks uses Solo and Rogue One to give context to A New Hope, and the prequels to give additional context to Luke's relationship with Vader. But how to see it? After George Lucas released his prequel trilogy, Star Wars fans debated the order in which they would devour the series.

Now, with the animated and live-action spin-offs, the “right way” to view the Star Wars saga is even more complicated. With all of this in mind, here are a few different viewing orders that will guide you, whether you're a long-time fan who wants to watch movies and series again or if you're a newcomer who needs an intensive Star Wars course. We recommend this playlist to those who have watched all of Star Wars enough times to want to mix things up with a truly strange experience. In reality, this doesn't complement any character or plot as much as it complements the series as a whole.

This order should help you capture all the small references from one movie or series and connect them to the next, although you probably still miss some of them. If you want to watch the Star Wars movies in chronological order and witness the various promotions of Anakin, Luke and Rey as they unfolded in their chronology, we've arranged all the movies (and included a little more Mandalorian) in a complete list. The live-action movies listed above weren't the only Star Wars movies to be released in theaters. Next in the chronology would be the animated series Star Wars Rebels, which takes place simultaneously with Andor.

The Star Wars movies are divided into three trilogies, with spin-offs and parallel stories that fill the mythical tradition of the universe. Instead of the journey of a standard hero from nobody to champion, Star Wars becomes the story of a dedicated hero who passes the torch. Empire Strikes Back expands the scale of Star Wars, and it's important to see that, in the context of this film, remaining 41 years old is important; if we go back to movies shot even in the last 20 years, this film's technical achievement won't seem as good as it actually was. The Book of Boba Fett is slow, but it proves to be a vital and often rewarding part of the Star Wars myth.

Although it is technically the sixth movie, chronologically, in the Star Wars franchise, it's worth visiting it first when you see it again simply because it's the beginning of everything. This live-action Star Wars television series has become a resounding success on Disney+, and there's a very small and adorable reason for that. The next Star Wars series is a continuation of the prequel trilogy set around Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor). But The Mandalorian succeeds in a unique way in the Star Wars world, as each episode basically works in its own bubble.

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