Where are the most star wars fans?

That's according to Google Trends, at least. Over the past week, Utahns Googled more Star Wars than people in any other state. Utahns are approximately 25 percent more likely to Google Star Wars than their closest competitors in the fandom, Californians. And they're more than twice as likely to Google the subject as people in Oregon and Mississippi, the two states least crazy about Star Wars.

Why do people in Utah Google Star Wars so much? And why don't Oregonians just care? Your guess is as good as mine. I write about drug policies, so I'd like to point out that legal marijuana began to go on sale in Oregon two months ago. But you would think that this would lead to Googling Star Wars more, not less. So I don't think that's relevant.

It has nothing to do with fanaticism related to a particular character: Oregon and Utah are at the bottom and top, respectively, in the searches for Jar Jar Binks and Darth Vader. Nor does it seem to have much to do with searches related to The Force and The Dark Side, although I will note that Arizona scores suspiciously high in searches related to the dark side, in relation to its interest in other Star Wars topics. Did you know that Star Wars fans are usually well-mannered? Match found that 60 percent of Star Wars fans have a bachelor's degree or higher and are also leaning more to the left politically than non-fans. As for hobbies, those who use the Force like to channel their energy into Karate more than some of the other singles on Match.

Disney has also opened more doors for many dynamic female characters to play important roles in recent Star Wars productions. Whether you're an occasional Star Wars fan or a Jedi master in training, you'll spend some time out of the ordinary visiting these real-life sets of iconic scenes from the movies. In addition to discovering which cities are the most obsessed with Star Wars, Match has found similar qualities among Star Wars fans that will help you connect even more with a potential partner. Today is May 4th, or as it is affectionately known as “May the 4th be with you”, also known as Star Wars Day.

Unfortunately for Star Wars fans, that list doesn't usually include whether someone is willing to take you to a galaxy far, far away. Venable said that the other day he was asked why he still collects Star Wars action figures even now in adulthood. A play about the famous quote from the Star Wars movie franchise: “May the Force be with you, this is a day to celebrate a series incredibly loved by adults and children alike. Josh Venable's favorite Star Wars action figure has more sentimental value than it's actually worth on the market.

Evidence that this Star Wars fan will continue to honor legendary galaxy movies for the rest of his life.