Who is the most iconic star wars character?

Harrison Ford's Han Solo, who inspired countless imitators after the release of A New Hope in 1977, instantly became one of the show's favorites thanks to his nonconformist personality and sharp tongue. A smuggler and famous pilot, Solo manned the Millennium Falcon with his partner Wookie, Chewbacca, and the duo formed an adorable team of eccentric rogues capable of carrying out any mission. Fans fell in love with Grogu the moment he made his first appearance, with the character initially dubbed “Baby Yoda”. Grogu's childhood innocence and potential as a Jedi have made him very interesting and adorable in equal measure, and fans haven't finished following the boy's adventures.

Chewbacca is by no means an unpopular character in Star Wars, even though he has mostly played supporting roles. As Han Solo's sidekick, Chewie has been the former's constant companion, to the point where he was there to witness Han in his final moments. There is no doubt that R2-D2 is everyone's favorite Star Wars droid, and the character shares with C-3PO the honor of being in every movie in the Skywalker saga. R2-D2 is more of a pet than anything else, which is why it has such a large fanbase.

The public largely views R2-D2 as representing the peculiar universe that is supposed to be Star Wars. In addition, the droid can fit into any backdrop of the story and make sense, since its function is to be next to the heroes with the intention of providing some kind of necessary information. Rarely has a new character been so successful, but Din Djarin is proof that Star Wars can shine very well under the Disney flag. The Mandalorian is an excellent example of a tough character with a huge heart, as he is Grogue's protector, in addition to his role as a bounty hunter.

Han Solo, the coolest protagonist of the series, is Harrison's most iconic character, and he remains an antihero throughout his story that fans loved. He was the dishonest and unorthodox hero who balanced Luke's attitude by the rules, and the series perfected this duo in a big way. The animated Star Wars universe helped us understand the Force in many ways, but none stranger than creating Bendu, a character that could be charitably described as a huge Force moose. With the voice of Doctor Who legend Tom Baker in a delightful fusion of two of the oldest geek franchises in pop culture, Bendu is the very embodiment of the balance of the Force, since it does not choose either the light side or the dark side, but is located right in the center.

But while helping the blind Kanan Jarrus learn to see and helping the rebels escape Grand Admiral Thrawn, the arrogant and imperious Bendu proves that the will of the Force remains as mysterious as ever. Lauren Morgan In a galaxy full of incredible names, Elan Sleazebaggano could have one of the best and one of the dumbest. This criminal from Balosar is best known for hanging around nightclubs and trying to sell death sticks to the wrong guy, causing Obi-Wan Kenobi to speak very harshly. Everything about him is delightfully strange, from his moving antennas to the way he twirls his fingers while storing his merchandise and sneaking out of the bar.

We like to think that she really went home and rethought her life, until she became a leading figure who strives to make a difference in her community. Or he stayed true to his name and continued to sell deadly ones. Devan Coggan, who appears in The Clone Wars and The Bad Batch, the force of the Clone Force 99 squad, is a man of simple taste. If Hulk crushes, then Wrecker destroys.

But we appreciate a man of few words. The soldier, with brute force more powerful than any other clone, is just as capable of lifting the rubble of a spaceship and protecting the young Omega as if she were Grogu. Just don't say the word stealth in his presence. Subtlety is not their strong suit.

NR: The Star Wars universe is full of magical creatures, but none is more magical than the tiny and infinitely wise Jedi Master. In another darker galaxy, Yoda could easily have been the 1980s version of Jar Jar Binks, a strange-looking alien with a confusing voice pattern, who ruined a beloved blockbuster franchise. It infused such life and emotion into a latex foam puppet (with the help of Mark Hamill, MVP's stage partner) that Yoda became one of the most iconic and cited characters in cinema. It's also one of the only Star Wars creations to consistently shine in all three trilogies.

Whether it's philosophizing about the Jedi Council, exercising incredible computer lightsaber skills, trolling and ultimately training an impatient Luke Skywalker in Dagobah, or teaching one last tender and heartbreaking lesson to his former apprentice in The Last Jedi, every moment Yoda appears on screen is simply luminous. And we've updated the list to include the characters from The Last Jedi and Solo. In reality, no definitive ranking would be complete without the Resistance fighters, the Cloud Riders, and the interstellar scoundrels of those movies. Let the discussions begin about why Lobot ranked above Oola.

And may the force always be with you. That attitude of doing whatever it takes, as demonstrated by Cassian's one-way ticket to Scarif, makes the captain one of the most intriguing rebel officers in the history of Star Wars, as he will do again in his next Disney+ series. There are few characters in the Star Wars franchise as iconic as the little green sage Yoda, who guides Obi-Wan, Kenobi and Luke Skywalker throughout their training, embodying the Jedi code. Both R2 and C-3PO aroused an undying interest in friendly droids for the Star Wars series, and after the creation of both icons, many other robotic characters appeared.

The woman who made Obi-Wan Kenobi consider leaving the Jedi Order in The Clone Wars would have to be quite spectacular, and that's precisely what Duchess Satine Kryze is. Since there are thousands of votes cast for every available option, there is no doubt that those that have been chosen are by unanimous choice of Star Wars fans. As a result, it has come to represent all the elements of the original Star Wars movies that fans still love, challenging George Lucas' playfulness, especially grey-toned morality and the violence that lurks at the edge of the galaxy. Luke was the substitute for the audience in the Star Wars universe, going from being a naive child on Tatooine to a true Jedi who became a legendary Master of the Force.

Poe Dameron's devotion to the mission leads BB-8 to come into contact with Rey and Finn, which also makes BB-8 the glue that unites the next generation of Star Wars fighters. The Star Wars series has a large number of characters, starting in 1977 and is now expanding to several television shows and movies. Of all the Star Wars characters that have jumped from book to screen, Grand Admiral Thrawn is perhaps the most iconic. There are a lot of brave characters in the Star Wars universe, but there are less friendly ones, and she is constantly faced with injustice, whether it's the First Order or a traffic cop from Canto Bight.

With the television series ready to continue, it's likely to climb even higher in the rankings to establish itself as a Star Wars legend. Following these patricidal impulses, Kylo wants to erase the past and its power, but like any fan of a long-standing franchise like Star Wars, he finally learns to reconcile the good with the bad. The Rancor is ugly and scary enough to instill fear in Luke Skywalker's heart, so seeing that even that monster is loved and mourned by at least one soul is what makes Star Wars so unique. .